Projects - student project

Swan Logo

Using the skills obtained in the previous lessons I added some shade to parts of the swan and after playing around with various colors decided it looked more like a pigeon lol. I then decided to add some text and if you were not aware a Squab is a baby pigeon lol. Loving the training so far.

Projects - image 1 - student project


Fox Logo

I decided to add some text and play around with the colors with the goal of creating a logo that could be used as a brand. This week is the first time using Adobe Illustrator and  I think I may be hooked lol. 

Projects - image 2 - student project

Type on a path

I started with my text then created a heart by adapting a polyon I then found an image of a cat and a dog and using the curvature tool traced around these to create Silhouette. Once positioned I used the shape builder tool to remove these shapes from the heart. 

Projects - image 3 - student project