Projects - student project

Project1: Shaped Animal + Gradients

Projects - image 1 - student projectThis was my absolute first project on Ai and I started messing around with colors: I've first designed  the panda and then I couldn't resist adding some gradients to make it a little bit better...hope you like it


Project 2: Swan

Projects - image 2 - student project


Project 3: The Association for pet obesity prevention_2 versionsProjects - image 3 - student project

Project 4: Repeating shapes

 Projects - image 4 - student project


Project 5: Repeated pattern

Projects - image 5 - student project

Projects - image 6 - student project



PS: I really enjoyed the course: everything was extremely clear and engaging. I really appreciated all the projects and the exercises throughout the course that, for someone like me who had no clue how to use Ai, helped in understanding the different tools and in making me more confident about the program. So...thank you a lot, Dan!