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Creativity: Transform a Memory (5/8/20)

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I wasn't able to come up with a memory; my life as a memory came flooding instead. So, the question that ended up popping up (which, gods, I wish I was more philosophical and less melodramatic) was "Where am I headed? What is the point if not for happiness, success, and purpose?" Dismal, I know.

What's worse, is that I couldn't even come up with my own new perspective; I just thought of something my mom told me months ago when I posed a similar thought; "You know what types of people have had lives like yours? Musicians."

So, I came up with this quote, used Autodesk sketchbook for the maybe 3rd time ever, screwed around with brushes, and made this. I like how the background came out, though we're ignoring how terrible I am at drawing fonts. But I didn't want to doctor it in any way, I didn't even use layers. 


I really need to learn how to use anything but a pencil, sketching faces. I don't know how to use any of the tools I did.


Creativity: Draw for Observation (5/9/20)

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I'm soon running away from Western New York to Los Angeles. I figured this was the obvious choice of topic.


Career: Write Your "Real" Resume (5/10/20)

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I didn't pick a big enough sheet to put any more jobs, but really the only thing else I had is "overnight gas station" which wasn't that interesting and "intern comic inker" but we barely got out of the planning stage so that didn't last long. Since I worked a LOT of dollar stores, a couple of electronic stores, and many clubs, I went with those.


Draw Your North Star (5/11/20)


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I hope I did this right, I just wanted to be artsy.


Community: Drawing Love Languages (7/18/20)

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This took forever for me to finish because I hit a roadblock trying to think of unique love languages for myself. I just picked a bunch of stuff me and my best friend have done for 10 years. It's less artsy but, for some reason I wanted a lot of black ink and the only colors being on the little pictographs.


Healing: Draw Your Prescription (7/23/20)

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I couldn't think of anything artsy to do for this one, so I just did it simply. I guess I ran out of creativity near the end.