Projects/ Challenges

Projects/ Challenges - student project

Challenge #1

1. Mother of two girls

2. Graphic designer/ artist

3. US Navy veteran

4. Runner

5. Loves to travel

6. Coffee addict

7. Enjoys good food

8. Likes to workout and lift weights to enjoy #7

9. Lives in Texas

10. Filipino (born and raised)

11. Single mom (recently)

12.  Obsessed with running races

13. Scared of dying alone

14. I miss my mom (Breast cancer took her away)

15. I miss painting


Challenge #2 

4. Runner

1. training for a race

2. cramping

3. tight calf muscles

4. fear of injuries during a race

5. I used to hate running

6. my personal therapy

7. constantly looking for the next race

8. 5k

9. 10k

11. half marathon

12. full marathon (maybe)

13. medals and bibs 

14. destination race

15. traveling for a race

16. personal running goals

17. running outdoor vs running indoor

18. wants to design a race medal (someday)

19. wants to design race bib (someday)

20. wants to design a race shirt (someday)

21. constipation before a race (it's real!)

22. weight training is important in running

23. stretching is a must

24. roller and biofreeze (gotta have 'em) 

25. joint juice (need to get one!)

26. running is all mental

27. New Balance (my running shoes)

28. tapering before a race

29. most runners are lean (not all of us!)

30. hungry right after a run

31. gotta stay hydrated (water, electrolytes)

32. crossing the finish line is like heaven

33. virtual run is okay but not as great as being in the actual event

34. canceled race sucks

35. race swag (gotta have 'em!)

36. running buddy is not for me

37. lone wolf runner

38. don't chat with me while I'm running

39. running playlist

40. poop before running (you'll thank me later!)



Diana Caragan