1. Find my own space

I am going to make my own goal to find my own writing space and clear of the desk.

2. After my goal, i will find the medium.

I usally write on notebook or journal where i can take it everywhere on me.

3. After my other goal

I usally write early in the morning or later in the evening before i go to bed for 30 minutes where i am not busy or distract.

4. After that goal

I read inspiring books such as Joyce Meyers because what i usally write about are depressed story's. I am going to started read a new book by Joel Osteen after i get done with another Joyce Meyer books. I try to read everyday like a chapter or two. 

So we i get done with these four goals. I will post you how my successful how i did it or what i did to work on. I will start on the first goal tomorrow, so hopefully you will get supportive and help you understand why i did this process for me.