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Project - image 1 - student project

Day 5: Today I drew my 



Day 5: Today I drew my grandma. The pursed lips remind me of how I drew my aunt's (her daughter) mouth. They really look alike in these subtle ways. I struggled a little with the parts of her face that were in the shadows, so maybe I'll brush up (ha!) on my color mixing, next. Anyway, I really enjoyed creating the projects for this class and although they're far from perfect, I think I was able to learn quite a bit! 

Project - image 2 - student project

Day 4: Today I drew my aunt. I wish I could fix the right eye, but I remembered some advice from arleebean (that to draw better portraits, you should draw EVERYTHING/not have such a such a narrow focus), and so I finished a small sketchbook from 2016 which I found at my grandma's (she really doesn't throw anything away and I'm so thankful for that now). 

Project - image 3 - student project

Day 3: I drew myself. I really didn't like it, but I persevered + pushed through the ugly phase and now I'm actually quite fond of it. 



Project - image 4 - student project

Day 2: My brother. I started this yesterday, wasn't satisfied with it - so went over it with some gouache. The nose still feels not 100% right, so maybe I'll fix it later. 

What learned: I used some calligraphy ink to do the hair and it kept activating every time I even came near it with water, so I'll definitely try to avoid that next time (or just use ink at the very end). 


Project - image 5 - student projectI don't have Instagram, but I follow arleebean on Youtube. I love her expressive portraits and her use of color, and how she never seems to stop experimenting with the medium (she even makes her own paints and sketchbooks, sometimes). 

I'll be using these water brush pens which I'll be refilling with clear water, water-soluble graphite pencils, my watercolor sketchbook and some watercolors. 

My project for the next five days will be to draw my family, and I'm telling my brother so he can keep me accountable. 

Project - image 6 - student project

Day 1: I tried drawing my mother. I wasn't satisfied with how it first came out, so I tried to make her face more round, but I struggle greatly with drawing older people and women. So that's something I can focus on when I head over to 

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