Project wip

Project wip - student project

Project wip - image 1 - student project

I have done the practices and monochrome assignment. Gonna work on the others when I get some extra time. The thin lines are my kryptonite, gotta practice that some more before I move onto the jellyfish. I chose to use Reeves Sap Green for the monochrome piece. I also employed the cloud technique using Ana's mixed media class with some Winsor and Newton ink. The piece has succulents and cacti, I was mostly experimenting, trying to push the one paint color to the max. Honestly, it looks cleaner and more vibrant in person, but that is always my struggle. Overall, I think the class is really helping me with the basics

Project wip - image 2 - student project

Project wip - image 3 - student project

So I had a lot of fun doing the jellyfish, since there is not a way to really mess it up. I want to learn to make lines thinner with more practice. I used salt and pulling techniques on the pink jellyfish, that one is definitely my favorite.