Project studio shelve syling

Project studio shelve syling - student project

I work from home and in the past year I have used the Konmari method to reduce my belogings and to shrink the size of my studio space to increase the size of my living space. I'm almost done the Konmari method and wanted to take a moment to style my studio shelves as they are a big part of my space.

My inspiration came from two of my pinterest boards:
Studio Interior

what I wanted for my shelves:

  • Function above anything else, but pretty to look at.
  • bright and airy
  • I wanted to space to feel welcoming and inspiring
  • I would love a green wall, so i wanted to incorporate lots of low light loving plants (hello Calathea, Ctenante, Maranta, Pothos,  etc) That I already kept in that side of my house.

What I took from the class:

  • the use of triangles when placing objects 
  • stacking, adding height and grouping
  • repeating some base colours. White/natural material/green plants and a sprinkling of pink and red. the colours were inspired by the rest of my living space.
  • same but different :)
  • small filler objects
  • using different textures. woven baskets, bamboo, glass to balance the ugly but essential transparant plastic boxes.

I tried to work with diagonal lines when styling individual shelves, but also in the big picture mainly with the plants. I don't think this will be final but it's pretty close, but it doesn't have to be too perfect anyway. This is already such a big change!

Rose thank you for your great tips and examples!

Before I did the konmari and I basically lived in my studio

Project studio shelve syling - image 1 - student project

Somewhere in between...

Project studio shelve syling - image 2 - student project


After! Tadaaaaa!

Project studio shelve syling - image 3 - student project

Project studio shelve syling - image 4 - student project

Charlotte Kan
Teacher: Hand Embroidery / Sewing ✂️