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Project sketches

Hi everyone!! I am really excited to be a part of this course. The photo attached are a few ideas for this project. It's using a quote I wrote to discribe a part of my creative process. The quote reads:

"What inspires us will drive us mad, & what drives us mad will inspire us"

Sometimes I get so excited or so overwhelmed with a message I am trying to portray through my work that I drive myself crazy but that ends up inspiring me.

I wanted to incorporate a real hands-on craft approach into this, kind of like a "motivational" poster that I collage together using things like leaves, wine corks and nuts and bolts :).. I want hang in my room to always remind me that if I am feeling uninspired and worn out that it is ok, and all I need to do is step back from the madness and discover something new about myself that will inspire me to keep going. 

I wanted to know your opinions on the sketches before I move forward with my project. 

Thank you :)


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