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Project in progress

Hi all, like many of you, I've been drawing since I was very little and joined this class in hopes to improve to the level of one of my favorite artists.

So far, I've found the tips in the videos to be very helpful. I haven't quite decided what I will do as a final project, but I figured I might as well start showing what I've done so far. Part of being fortunate enough to have a full-time job and a young family is that you have very little time to draw, but I have some idea of where I might be going with my final piece.

(Please forgive the quality of the pictures. My scanner tends to blow out pencil drawings on my large sketchbook.)

I find the balance of my basic poses are always a little off. Particularly when I start from scratch and don't work off a picture. I do my best to study anatomy and where to set the characters' center of gravity. This is just something I believe can be fixed with more practice.

I tend to draw mostly fan art and superheroes. As much as I like drawing inspiration from existing pictures, my goal is to draw more dynamic poses without having to search for that perfect pose online.

I found the section on facial expressions to be extremely helpful. I don't know why, but I've always had trouble sketching out a truly expressive face. I found the technique of using the eye sockets to determine the expression (particularly those of the eyebrows) helps out a lot. So I've been drawing a lot of faces.

My Dexter attempt.

I draw a lot of Joker faces. I love trying to capture the expression of sinister and maniacal. And yes, that's a Miley Cyrus inspired expression.

I've also tried practicing a lot of hand poses. I found a tutorial online for sketching dynamic hand poses and it gave great advice on how to visualize different gestures.

One last Joker.

So that's it, for now. I have seen a definite improvement in my sketches since watching the videos, and I plan on taking the time to put together something fun. Next, I'm gonna try my hand at a battle scene with two or multiple characters.

I'm thinking of doing a Masters of the Universe cover piece as my final, but in the meantime, I will update with my progress.


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