Project fit-into-Large-sized-clothing (and smaller sized XL clothing)

My goal with weight loss and muscle building revolves around fitting into clothes better.  For years I gave excuses for going from Large, to XL to 2XL and briefly hovered near 3XL.  I decided I am tired of paying extra money for the larger sizes, as well as seeing that often times larger sizes aren't offered (concert wear).  Also, people who are slimmer tend to look better in the same clothes because the clothes fit them better.  For me to wear a 2xl shirt, it will likely be very loose in some parts to make up for my fat stomach and man boobs.  Whereas, being slimmer, it all looks much more clean.

Since I truly started taking care of myself back in August 2012, I have dropped ~25 lbs. and can fit very easily into 2XL shirts.  While before my gut and chest still showed, they now show much less.  I can also wear some XL shirts from time to time, though I rarely wear them out to anything other than running lil errands or going to some close friend/family's house.  However, I am making progress on fitting into them better.  My measurements are getting smaller with my weight.

I hope that by the summer time with my continued running and weightlifting (just started), I will be able to fit into Large and slimmer XL clothing.  I was given a gift card to Banana Republic that I can't use because I am still to big to fit into their stuff, but now my thought process is I know I need to work hard and I will get there in time, whereas before it would have been like looking at something imposssible.

I would like to drop weight and maybe even have a flat(er) stomach that I could rock on the beach with few worries and actually be somewhat happy with it.  

More than having big arms or anything, for some reason I really want to have a good set of shoulder muscles, delts, traps, as well as back muscles.  But, I wouldn't mind looking pretty buff overall.

I joke with a friend who I workout with that my end goal is to look like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)....just shorter and likely not AS big, but close :)

I hope to get there by continuing to run, lift weights, and eat healthy most of the time.  I want to continue going to the gym 3 times per week using the 5/3/1 program.  I also will try to keep running 3 times per week (2 minimum) as I seek to get up to half-marathon distance running.  I will continue to watch what I eat and slowly work to eliminate other sugars and processed stuff (have already eliminated almost 90% of soda).


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