Project completion

Project completion - student project

I have not yet developed my class and was taking your class to get an idea of what type of actions I could take to help me it a successful course. As always I found your presentation helpful in that you taught me something I didn't know and shared lessons learned from your experience on skillshare. I believe I will first get to work on my class, because what you've helped me most with is instilling confidence that I can develop a successful class.

When I complete my first class in the next couple of days, I will use social media to market it as I have a large number of former students that I keep in touch with via various platforms. I will also ask friends and former colleagues to help promote my class by tweeting about it.

I hadn't thougth to join a Skillshare FB group, but I will give it a try to help get to the magic number of 25.

Thanks again FBK, appreciate your time and consideration and as always looking forward to connecting with you in the future.

Kind Regards,

Antonio S. Jacobs

Antonio Stephen Jacobs
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