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Project Zeek (SHMUP) - Playable Demo

Update - Playable Demo - "Project Zeek" - 4/13/14

While I have not posted much in the last couple weeks, I have been hard at work.

I would like to present a playable alpha demo of what I have tenatively named "Project Zeek".

(Shortened Link - goes to Dropbox)

Controls: Arrows to move and "J" to shoot. You will want to shoot everything...Oh yeah - collect the blue powerups!

Anyways, I am pretty excited about the progress. This is a fully playable first level that includes multiple enemies, weapon powerups, and a boss at the end (Good luck!! - you will need it). 

Next steps - need to sign up as a apple dev, rework the controls to work with touch, and load this bad boy onto my iPhone. 

Feedback welcome.


Update - New SHMUP Project - 4/13/14

Hey All! Just wanted to stop by and share a new Top Down Arcade Shooter Project I have been working on. It doesn't have a name, but it is heavily inspired by one of my all time favorite games of all time, Tyrian (Hopefully some of you have played it.)

Anyways - here are a few screen shots of the prototype (designing this with the iPhone 5 as a target).

Some features in the screenshot I am proud of include:

  1. Interactive UI - Using PlayMaker FSMs to control most of the dynamic elements (Might be a good use for the built in Animator?)
  2. Upgradable weapons - You can collect powerups and change/make your weapons stronger. 
  3. Enemy Formations - Each group of enemies has their own attack & flight behavior.
  4. I created the vector art for the energy bar at the bottom (As I am not an artist, I am quite proud!)

And here is one of the boss fights - OH THE BULLETS!

Creating this encounter was challanging. Since the boss moves WITH the player ship, it was somewhat tricky to create his flight path. Also, creating a way for the boss to create a spiral spray of bullets was time consuming (finally found the "Vector 3 Operator" which helped!)

Here is my layout. I've decided I like having the inspector close to the project folder. Please note - still getting a crazy amount of value out of PlayMaker. 

Lasty, big shout out to Brandon for the hook up on the Evolution Drone Controller ( I was impressed with how easy it was to set up and I was able to start using it to play my game in minutes! Highly recommended if you want a controller for use with your Unity Games. 

Biggest challenge so far: I am still on the fence, but I had a difficult time deciding if I should make the main players ship stationary and have the level scroll past him (to create the illusion of movement) - OR - have the player move through the level (which is stationary). I orginally started with option 1, but have since reworked my game so the players ship moves (option 2). While this seems like minor detail, this affected many elements of the game -  enemies, bullets, UI, Bosses. Any feedback on best practicies here is welcome!



Update - Post Week Four - 12/22/13

WooHoo! Time off!

I've been hard at work over the Holidays. Overall, I feel like the game is feeling much more polished and I wanted to post a link to the newest version.


Collect piles of gold for additional points as you climb. These also give you a slight boost in velocity. 

Hit "Boost Pads" for an large boost in velocity.

But beware of the dangerous mobs... 

Nearly all of the random generation of monsters / platforms is handled by a single FSM. This uses the Random Event Action to create a platform/gold pile/monster and place it randomly a little above the top of the camera view. 

Enjoy - don't hesitate to ask any questions!


FYI: This is not my original art. This is all free game art that I have collected from a couple different blogs. I will post links to the original sources in a future update.

Update Week 3-4  -  12/8/13

Where to begin! While I have not been posting updates I have still been hard at work. Pesky careers getting in the way!

So for Week 3…

I worked through the content and built out a fully working scene and struggled with collision detection between the ball and the blocks. The ball kept getting stuck partially inside blocks (as pictured below). While I am sure this has to do with the speed of the ball and the collision detection, I lost interest and moved on to the Doodle jump type game.

I completed week 4 and was happy with the results... but I had plans to rework this in 2d.

I ponied up and bought the full version of PlayMaker (Worth EVERY penny) and went to work redesigning the game to work with the new 2d sprite objects.  This was not that difficult, but did require the new Playmaker 2d Plugin (which was just updated to support the statements I needed... 2 Trigger Events, Collisions, etc.)

I first rebuilt the Doodle jump type game. I am a big fan of 2d games and like the overall feel of the game much more now. Going to working on polishing this up this week. 

Next, I set out to rebuild the Break Out style game in 2d. One afternoon later, that was complete. These games both have a similar theme. 

I also added a "Front End" scene that has interactive buttons that allows you to Play, Exit, or get Help. 

I will be posting links to play this soon - polishing both of these games this week. Hopefully I will have a meaty update by the end of this week.

ShoutOut: Thanks to Colin for the feedback!


Update Week 2 - WIP v02 -  11/16/13

Enjoying week two content & PlayMaker! Spent quite a bit of a time tinkering with PlayMaker - what a powerful tool! I use PlayMaker in a majority of my updates below.

An area I struggled involved trying to play a sound via playmaker when an object is made "Non-Active." I am using triggers and box colliders and it appears the object is made "In-Active" before the sound will trigger via my "Trigger play when enter" statement. I can't imagine this being overly complicated, but I need to do some more research to find a fix. :) 

Current Playable version:

Couple quick updates:

Added a camera transform and cut to help show a quick "Fly Over" of the level. 

Added the ability to "die" and restart game after falling off platforms.

Added the ability to "win" after picking up the final "pickup." This will restart the game. 

Added a slow rotation to the directional light in the scene. 

Added background music and sounds for bumping into some walls and activating triggers. 

Added triggers that change color when activated and do various actions (mostly moving other blocks) that allow you to progress further through the level. 

Added trigger that makes last "pickup" scale when activated.

Added trigger that turns the light intensity to zero for a brief period (scary?) 

With the release of 4.3 I am very excited to start seeing how I can apply these learning to a 2D game! :)



Update Week 1 - WIP v01 -  11/9/13

Originally this project started as the stock "Roll-a-Ball" tutorial available in the Unity learn section. I liked the concept and wanted to build a simple game around collecting blocks and progressing through the level. I tired to add in a few obstacles in order to make this a bit more challenging... 

Please try my current WIP:

In this version I focused on experimenting with:

  • Prefabs (Way cool!)
  • Textures
  • Controls
  • Lighting
  • Particles

Screen 1 - Bridge Jump

Screen 2 - Narrow Bridge

Screen 3 - Wall Jump

Screen 4 - Special Collectable




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