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Project Week One–Research and Developement

Research and Development


-bad, obscure movies

-being around people who are really in love

-black ink

-the color red

-dreamy, powerhouse women (e.g. Neko Case, characters like: Francis Ha, Annie Hall, Jessa and Hannah from Girls)

-feeling of learning something new-feeling soulful-finding things in repetition (especially when they are laying on the sidewalk)

-hardware stores-humanity, and sometimes complete lack of, present of the public bus


-other people's clothes


-people who can take control/care of a situation

-poetic folk lyrics

-possibly being the best in your field while being completely unassuming


-sharing a moment with a stranger and then moving on

-showing up to events

-sleeping during the afternoon


-texture of mangoes and avocados

-thinking of eccentricities I am obsessed with

-tiny scraps of paper

-using as much of my hand as possible to prepare+touch food

-"wah-wah" guitar

-watching a "scene" and not getting caught

-what you notice and what you don't

-when things are affectionately mess

Daily Moments:

-Overhearing seemingly dull conversations at lunch, until she says: "so we had to spend all day telling these girls, 'you look like a boy!'"

-The difference in feeling of riding your bike to work and home from work (energy versus calmness)

-Bouncing between open windows on my computer so often I forget what I was looking for

Outside Inspirations/Articles/Music:

-This American Life: David Rakoff-"Have you ever had one of those moments where you know you are being visited by your own future?…They come so rarely and with so little fanfare; those moments There are not particularly photogenic, there's no breach in the clouds to reveal the shining city on a hill. No folk dancing children…no production values to speak of… Just a glimpse of such a quotidian incontrovertible truth that after the initial shock of the supreme weirdness of it all a kind of calm sets in; 'So this is to be my life.'" 

-Populaiton growth increases climate fear:

-I've been watching a string of bad but earnest movies lately such as The Room and GetEven

-Music by Richard Swift

-I hope to start pulling more visual references soon!


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