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Project Uncertainty

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nichole and I am quite excited to share my Spring/Summer 2013 look book. I do not have a look book to shoot at present, so while I work on that, I decided to name this project, "The Element of Indie Uncertainty". Instead of choosing one brand in particular, I opted to highlight a particular aesthetic - bohemian/indie. 

1. Mood Board 

For my mood board I pretty much blended two concepts. The bottom portion of the mood board serves to showcase the tone/feeling/aesthetic I want to reflect for my final project. It shows what I was gravitating toward regarding scenery/set location, lighting concepts that speak to me, etc.

The top portion of my mood board is a bit more specific highlighting what I would like to explore via hair, makeup and accessories. Being as though I think its better to have a variety of options (which also helps me make a firm decision), I decided to include numerous options for hair and makeup plus accessories (while keeping in consideration that the accessories shouldn't overpower the clothing itself).

2. Shot Checklist  

Front View  

Full body View of each styled look 

Horizontal View 

Close Up View of Designs 

Side View (to show fit) 

Close Up View of Jewelry 

3. ETC: 

(Full Length Shot of Mood Board) 

(Top Portion of Mood Board) 

(Bottom Portion of Mood Board) 

FINAL PROJECT: The Element of Indie Uncertainty 


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