Project - "The is Sixty" - 365 Days of selfies in my 60th Year

Project - "The is Sixty" - 365 Days of selfies in my 60th Year - student project

Introduction -

My 59th birthday is in several weeks - on October 24, 2016.  I realize that I'm entering my 60th year - my sixth decade - on this planet.  Although there are many wonderful things in my life, I have an issue with visibility and like many women in my age range (ahem!), I struggle with what this means in the larger sense.

Often, women say, "oh, you don't look X age" (it's always women - men are just too polite to comment on what age a woman is) and I sometimes just thank them, and sometimes I quip back, "Oh, but this is what X looks like."  So I'm wondering, using the wonder of the selfie (with few if any filters . . .), what will a year of 60 look like?

Admittedly, this is idiosyncratic and personal mostly.  I am me, and I am no model.  I look tired some days, I look older than i realize on occasion, and some days I think I look pretty okay.  But for me to document what one year is like - its ups and downs and ugly moments, I think it would be great for me.  Plus, I have recently joined "My Fitness Pal" and I would like to document those changes, too, although that is very much a secondary goal.  I have a fair amount of weight left to lose, and don't expect to necessarily get it all lost by the end of the year, but I suspect there will be some changes in me along those lines, too (maybe not all positive - weight loss at this age can make a person look older sometimes.)

Step One -  

I will take selfies for 365 days to document myself in my 60th years.

Step Two -

I will take two pictures of myself everyday - one of my full body (or most of it) and one of my face

Step Three -

I will take these photos generally before lunch time (after breakfast and morning routines), but if not then, before the evening, so I can use natural light.  Will generally take them in the bedroom.

Step Four -

1.  I will post at least one of the pictures to my instagram account (thinking of a new account just for this)

2.  Rewards:  After the first 60 photos done and posted - A massage!

                      After the next 60 photos done and posted (120) - A massage and facial!

                      After the next 120 photos done and posted (240) - Massage, facial and 2 pieces of new clothing (jeans & blouse, dress, etc.)

                       After the next 120 photos done and posted (360) - All of the above, plus a journal of my choice

Step Five -

The first ten days will be the same as any - no "curriculum" for taking a selfie or posting it.  Will develop a couple of hashtags, though, to use to track it.

Step Six -

My why is mostly explained above in the introduction.  I want to allow myself to be "on camera" in a way that I've rarely done.  As I'm no beauty, I've always hated having my picture taken because it revealed me in a way that made me uncomfortable.  Maybe the grace of middle age is to challenge this and to get more comfortable with my own aging body and face.  Nothing is ever static in this life, especially ourselves.

Laura Thomas Boren

Sexagenarian Auto-Didact!