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Project Template

Making Legal Moonshine (while not going blind or blowing yourself up)

  1. Make moonshine, from one of the supplied recipes or one of your own choosing

    Included in the course are two simple recipes for moonshine, along with a how-to video on ingredients, prepping, and storage of moonshine.

  2. Take a photo of you drinking your moonshine or of a jar of your completed 'shine

    Get your 'shine on for everyone to see, or just take a picture of your completed project.

  3. Post your recipe-used and your photograph-taken on your project page

    Let your classmates see what you made, and how your final project came out. Bonus points: write a review of your 'shine!

Interested in designing your own label for your moonshine jar? Then check out Jon Contino's class,Illustration and Lettering: A Hands-on Approach to Label Design!

Here's me, having a sample of the Cherry Pie Moonshine recipe made during the class presentation!


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