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Alyssa Demirjian

Director of Content & Partnerships at Skillshare



Project Template

Show us how you create your pattern! Use your project to show the full start-to-finish of your project. Remember to post images directly into the Project Workspace. Here's a template to copy.

I. Collect inspiration.

Use words, pictures, and/or the moodboard template to share your inspiration.

II. Sketch your ideas.

Share your initial sketches and drawings. Ask for feedback, and share themes that emerge.

III. Share the evolution of your pattern block.

Remember: only make changes to the initial, central pattern block. Share how the design evolves. How does placement, scale, and flow change? How about color? How does this relate to your inspiration?

IV. Share your final repeat.

Share your final pattern block on its own and in a 3x5 grid that shows it in context. Can't wait to see what you create!

**Bonus: If you feel like going a step further, feel free to create coordinate patterns to form a collection, or take your pattern for a test-drive with a product mockup. See the project steps for more ideas!**


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