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Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Creative & Original Programming



Project Template

I. Subject and Space

In a few sentences, tell us who, why, and where you'll shoot. Review the Project Steps and video lessons for driving questions and considerations.

II. Test Shots for Lighting

Share how you got to know the light in the space. Did you take an overexposed shot? an underexposed shot? a perfect shot? Post your images as a way of documenting your skills.

III. Horizontal vs. Vertical Shots

Share a horizontal shot and a vertical shot. Remember: horizontal shots are great for taking advantage of a cool environment. Vertical shots are great for focusing on your subject.

IV. Final Portrait

Edit and share your final portrait, post it here in the gallery, and share it on Instagram (tag @skillshare + include #skillsharebybridges). Can't wait to see your work!


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