Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Creative & Original Programming



Project Template

Your class project is to design a hypothetical, real-time marketing response from a popular brand. Be specific, and be creative! Create a tweet, design a mock-up, or create an ideal conversation between a fan and the brand.

**Here's a template you copy-and-paste into your project. Start with the first steps and continue additing to it over time!**

I. Introduction

  • Introduce yourself and your background. What do you love about marketing, social media, and building brand awareness? If you're currently in marketing, what's your #1 challenge?

II. Brand & Event

  • Explain in 1-3 sentences the brand and why you chose it
  • Explain in 1-3 sentences the event and why you chose it

III. The Hypothetical Response & Why It Works

  • Share, show, or describe your fictional real-time marketing response to at least 1 real event. What kind of tweet would you write? Why is this a smart RTM move? Tie it back to the principles in the lessons.

IV. Optional Notes

  • Any last thoughts about RTM! If you'd like, include your favorite ideas for fostering urgency and ensuring preparedness, and pose questions to fellow students.


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