Project Template

Project Template - student project

**Feel free to copy and paste this template into your own project, adding to it as you progress through the class.**

I. Introduce Yourself

Share who you are, your musical passions, and why you want to explore music theory. Share a few links to the music you create and love.

II. In-Progress MIDI Sketches

Share links, screengrabs, and reflections about your early musical sketches on the MIDI grid. Include a few lines about the concepts motivating your work, using terminology from the lessons. Be experimental and creative!

III. The "Finished" Musical Idea

Share a link, screengrab, and a few thoughts about a final 30-60 second musical idea. It should include a melody and chords, and can include (if you choose) a bass line and drum loop. Draw on all the concepts from the class, and keep revising until your music captures the sound you want!

Alyssa Demirjian
Head of Brand & Content