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Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Creative & Original Programming



Project Template

**Feel free to copy and paste this template into your own project.**


I. My Inspiration Moodboard

Share your inspiration for your portrait project. Upload a series of images, a screengrab from a design or layout program, or a link to an external site.

Consider adding a few lines about why these images, words, feelings, and textures speak to you (and why they'll be great for representing your community).

To feel inspired, pay attention to your surroundings and seek out what's new and interesting to you. Consider looking through professional photography collections in magazines, blogs, and art books.

II. My Backdrop, Wardrobe, and Lighting Decisions

In a few lines or lists, share a bit about your shoot prep. This could include your shot lists, notes, color schemes, and swatches—all essential as you prep your lights, backdrops, colors, and wardrobe. Preparation will help you achieve the look you want.

III. My Portrait Series

Upload your final 3-5 portraits. Your series should be a representation of your community through people—whether it's one subject in various places or poses, or multiple subjects in one place. Consider sharing a few lines about what these portraits mean to you.


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