Alyssa Demirjian

Head of Brand & Content



Project Template

**Feel free to copy and paste this template into your own project.**

I. My Chosen Phrase

Share the name, quotation, or passage you’d like to calligraph and explain, in 1-3 sentences, why that phrase has personal resonance for you. It could be a name of a friend, an everyday mantra, or a short passage that’s always inspired you.

II. My Pencil Sketch

Using the guide-sheet lines as reference, script your words in pencil. Share your pencil sketch (or several) with the class, and feel free to pose questions to other students about style and technique!


When you’re writing, consider thinking about:

  • The shape of each letterform, how they connect, and any line breaks within a phrase
  • Capital vs. lowercase letters
  • Vocabulary concepts like slants, angles, entrances, descenders, and exits
  • Choices around baseline, x-height, and cap height

III. My Final Piece

Share a photo of your final phrase and, in a few lines, tell us about some of your artistic choices.


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