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Megan Burt

Director of Community @Skillshare



Project Template

Step 1: Scouting 

In your first step, share 2-5 sentences about the story, feeling, or theme you want to communicate in your city photo set. Feel free to include reference images or a list of target locations if that helps convey your idea.

Questions to consider: 

What unique elements of your city do you want to showcase?

What landmarks are iconic to you in your city? Can you approach them in a new perspective?

What unique angles and "perches" can you shoot from?

Step 2: Shooting

In this step, review your raw footage and upload a range of images that feel striking, evocative, and aligned with your vision. Share more than you want to include in the final set so that you have enough material to make strategic, artistic decisions.  

Step 3: Editing

In your last step, share you final photo essay.  This should include 3-5 final images edited using VSCO and 3-4 lines describing what this photo essay says about your city.  Lastly, share your favorite image on Instagram (hashtag: #trashhandXskillshare).


Give yourself time to be thoughtful, sharp, and creative about your final choices. 

Don't rely on filters to "correct" your images. Filters should simply augment the original vibe you aimed for.


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