Forrest Long

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Project Success - Getting Started

Class Description:

Do you have a project to run and are not sure where to get started? In this class you’ll learn the basic framework needed to be successful in starting your project: the project life cycle. In subsequent classes you’ll learn the building blocks for successful project management including the tools, techniques and processes.

Who is this class for:

  • Those who have a project to manage and are not sure where to start
  • Those new to project management
  • Those experienced in project management that are looking for a refresher
  • Those experienced in project management who may not have studied it formally and are looking to fill in gaps in their education

In this Introductory Class on Project Success, you will learn:

  • What Is A Project, And What Is Not
  • What Is Project Management
  • Types Of Projects
  • Project Process Groups
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Product Lifecycle


Class Outline



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