Project Step #1

Project Step #1 - student project

TOO FACED Typography
The text is communicating the brand’s focus on feminine beauty products. The lack of a serif suggests a less rigid structure or traditional approach to how they make their products. In relying on a cursive text, the company’s brand connects with more elegance. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch: but the way the cursive appears here is reminiscent of calligraphy and hand-writing, thus it may be suggestive of a more personal touch, which would be a positive for a beauty brand to cater to people of all occupations, social classes, personalities, and needs.

Project Step #1 - image 1 - student project

JANE STEELE typography 

Very different from the first graphic, this book’s title relies on heavy serifs, implying a historical and traditional tale. The book is, in fact, a retelling of a classic book called Jane Eyre. What is even more interesting is that the original story (and this retelling) are both gothic stories, driven by mystery and a tad bit of scariness. The spacing between the letters is large which keeps the readers at bay and in a sense of caution—my reasoning here is that while close-spaced between letters enable readers to stay with the story and with the words that communicate what happens next, these large spaces connote a sense of eeriness. You never know what is going to come up from one word to the next.Project Step #1 - image 2 - student project

This text is in lower case, with no serifs in sight, and it communicates plenty about what this book is all about. Contrary to many diet books, this book is modern and challenges the traditional views of diets. The lower-case letters also suggest a more conversational and less stuffy dialogue in the book. And, this may be a stretch, but I get the sense that this also makes the ideas presented in the book to be a bit more flexible, universal, and a sense of uncomplicatedness to it from the lower case words that have a bit of a space between them to communicate a sense of self-reflection and self-discovery along the way.


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