Project: Red Food Week 1 & Week 2


Below is the second set of red images I photographed for this class. Photographed in the same location as my first photos, I just used slightly different props =) 

I really like how both of these images turned out, but like the first one slighty more for it's symmetrical imperfections. 

I would like this first one to be the one from this week that I enter as my best. 

WEEK 1: 

Hi there!

I photographed these raspberries with greek yogurt in my home, in front of a north facing window, which typically has fantastic light. This morning I woke up and it was pouring rain with dull grey light coming in my window... Julia's tip on using the silver side of the reflector worked miracles. It softened the harsh shadows and allowed me to get a nice, evenly bright image.  I've had this reflector for a few years and have rarely used it. I am so very excited to have finally found a use for it, not to mention having that "ah-ha" moment of 'Ohhhh that's what the silver side does!' (if you can't tell I'm not a fan of the reflector,  but now realize it might become my new bff in photographing food ;) I also found the tip on photographing food with the light coming in at a side/back angle wrapped the light very prettily around the scene.



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