Project Pre-Pregnancy Body


This is my first project, and I am anxious to get going.

My son is now 2 years old and I have hit my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have lost ALOT of muscle and replaced it with fat.  SO I am still 1.5-2 dress sizes BIGGER!!

My goals are to lose those extra inches by dropping the fat and putting the muscle back on.


  1. Follow a strict workout regime.  I have picked INSANITY, an interval training program.  I have found in the past, my body reacts more quickly to this kind of program.  Then once I have lost some of the excess weight I will look to strength train and tone
  2. Continue monitoring portion control
  3. Eliminate the sugary and salty snack foods and replace them with healthy alternative
  4. Start eating more vegetables.  I have never eaten enough vegetables, especially cooked ones.  I have begun experimenting with a vegetarian diet, and I am trying to limit my intake of meats and milk.  I find once I remove milk (just drinking, leaving dairy products in my diet), that I am less bloated.

January 11, 2013

I started to modify my diet in the fall of 2012. As I was eating fairly healthy I decided I had to watch portion sizes. My biggest issue has been cutting out he snacks which are ALWAYS bad for me.

On January 6/13 I started eating a mainly vegetarian diet. It has been working, I feel less bloated and seem to have more energy. I am also getting back on track with drinking Shakeology as my breakfast!

I also started my new INSANITY round on January 5/13. It's only been a week, but I haven't missed a workout!


FOOD PHOTOS - My start to long term change


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