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Project Planner: Managing Your Goals With A Life Binder

Title: Project Planner: Managing Your Goals With A Life Binder

Class Description

In this class you will learn a simpler and more personal way to organize your life. Students will be introduced to the methodology of creating a planner that works just for them through a class made for EVERYONE. Whether you are a photographer, a mom or a freelancer this system is 100% applicable. Join Illustrator and productivity enthusiast Isabel Pinaud as she takes you through a step by step journey on a new way to manage your personal and professional goals with a system personalized for the way YOUR mind works.

Project: Build A Life Binder


Create a planner designed for the way your mind works. This assignment will teach you about the way you process information, give you applicable tips on being more productive and help you discover how to devise a system to help you become more organized.

I have attached a cover, a to-do list, a daily sheet, a weekly calendar and a 12 month calendar which you are free to use in your planners. All of these are made for standard letter size.

*Keep in mind that the attachments provided here are for personal use only*

You can also look online for free or paid printables to include in your planner if you are tentative about designing your own.


  • Figure out HOW you process information.
  • Decide what format works best for you.
  • Make or download a cover.
  • Make an inspirational first page (or pages).
  • Define and build your dashboard.
  • Incorporate at least 3 sections that work for you (with tabs).
    For example: Calendar, finance, routine, to-do, blog, client projects, volunteer work, etc
  • Add extras where needed.
    For example: Extra tabs, flags, miniature inserts, a dry erase board, etc.

Course Outline


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