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Project Picnic

This workspace shows current items first followed by older items after that - another student set theirs up this way and it makes sense to me!

Modified Ogee Design

Based on MaJo's feedback, I've got two more ogee versions. One with the ogee background in a transparent white that lets the new periwinkle (instead of grey) background with added dotted texture show through and the other one without the separate ogee background.

Ogee Repeat

Well, I spent a LONG time working on this one but finally got it to work - needed extra Expanding and had some stray guides hanging around that kept it from becoming a pattern. Here is an ogee design with a white background and also a grey background. Enjoy!

Square Repeat

Story of my life ... I once again struggled getting the repeat to work after spending time adding multiple motifs and arranging them just so ... only to find that I couldn't move the grouping into the swatches panel as a pattern. Eventually I discovered that Expand Appearance/Expand was the key to my failure. I hadn't used Expand enough times. MaJo has everything out there that we need ... but it has taken mistakes for me to figure that out! Anyway, here is a screenshot of my first repeat with the basic repeat on the left and the filled repeat on the right. Now I see what I need to do to move forward with other repeat styles.

Fun with Color and Textures

I really learned a lot in the past two days. I started off really struggling with filling my shapes with color because I didn't have closed paths in some cases. So, I tweaked a few but found out that I could use the Live Paint Bucket to easily add color. Once I played around with adding color I moved onto textures. That was also difficult ... until I found I could also use the Live Paint Bucket to apply patterns! See below for my technique. This approach uses black patterns only on top of a base color (object is duplicated on top of the original. I'm going for a subtle effect.

This was my procedure for using the Live Paint Bucket to apply patterns to certain areas:

1. Make a copy of the whole object - CTL C

2. Past a duplicate in front - CTL F

3. Click on the  Live Paint Bucket button (it's under the Shape Builder button)

4. Have your swatches window open, click on the top right drop down button, click on Open Swatch Library, then on Patterns, then on Basic Graphics, then on Basic Graphics Dots (or other pattern library)

5. Choose the texture you want to use

6. Hover the mouse over the area you want to add the pattern to (an orange outline highlight shows up)

7. There is a small black triangle/arrow that helps you pinpoint the section you will be placing the pattern. Click to add the chosen pattern (or could be a color). The pointer lets you have three choices available - use the arrow keys on your keyboard to switch between them after choosing three patterns or colors.

8. You can play around with the transparency panel if you want: Window/Transparency/Overlay or Color Dodge or Soft Light. This technique keeps the texture in black over whatever base color you have. Using the transparency options can change the black to something else but it also modifies other solid colors (as seen in my cupcake above).

Vectors and Color Scheme

Some outlines are red and some black. They will all be black in the final artwork.

Illustrator Playtime

I enjoyed the Illustrator tutorials and learned a few new things. I especially enjoyed the swirl tool. I played around with the shape builder tool, rotating, scaling, brush options, the pathfinder tool, the perspective grid tool and also the blend tool (bottom right).


I'm playing around with simple picnic related shapes and textures - possibly the sun, clouds, watermelon, lady bugs, flies, ants and perhaps some other food items (cookies, grapes, cheese, utensils) done in an abstract/graphic way.

Here's a rough initial sketch of various elements:



I did my moodboard on Pinterest:


I've taken a more literal approach in my word map. I'm not ready to choose the direction yet - I'll see where things go as I get more into the mood board, etc. I thought about some specific picnics through the years and the various elements incorporated into them. Sun, fun, food, friends and even bugs ...


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