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Project Photos: @_avito

This past weekend I visited the Seattle area for the very first time.  I am originally from Belize and always heard stories from visiting tourists, and only dreamed of one day visiting the area.  Little did I know I would marry someone who was born on Whidbey Island.  This "vacation" was special in many ways.

This picture I chose as my landscape photo was one I took from the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry on the very last ride I took.  This was yesterday morning (11/11/2013).  The sun came out, and it was clear enough I could see mountains everywhere...or so it seemed.  The picture below is the original capture using the HDR³ app.

Although I loved the original capture, I wanted to add a bit more warmth to it.  I also did some cropping to eliminate most of the foamy wake from the ferry.  For that, I chose Snapseed.

******************  UPDATE  ******************

Using the feedback from Cory, I experimented with Filterstorm cloning, as well as did a bit of straightening in Snapseed, and came up with a little something like this:


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