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Project One and Two and Off on a Tangent

Off on a Tangent:

I hit a bit of a creative block, accompanied by not being able to find the font I had in my mind for Project Three. So before hunkering down and doing Project Three, I decided to have some fun and play around a bit with slab fonts by doing up a poster of a Frida Kahlo quote that's been coming up in my Facebook feed a lot lately. I loved the imagery of it so much. It is not at all what I'm supossed to be doing for project three, but I thought I'd see what you guys think of it. Here is the final version.

Project Two: A quick first try

I have a few things to work on. I feel like the first paragraph is too much of a big chunk, but splitting it up didn't flow properly. I may try to edit it down a little. Also, I want to play more with the drop cap, maybe making it more dramatic.

I'd love some feedback with any sugestions for improvements. Also let me if you think I've struck the right balance, using enough italics and bold for emphasis without using too much. Also any suggestions on the drop cap would be great. I wasn't sure if there are any rules I should be following (or breaking).

Project One Final Four:

I gave the ampersand another go (#1), going big and bold, and having the text hug the ampersand's beautiful curve. The big and bold was inspired by the "Hello Theresa" cards (thank you Theresa).

I also tried another layout using text only (#2) and I'm pretty happy with it, but I don't think I'd use a business card that simple. I do like how the contact info kind of swings off the text at the top like a hinge.

On #4, the lines are made of ampersands; I'm not sure if you can tell when it's is this small. I might make them a little bigger.

So here are my final four cards. Let me know what you think....





Project One Process from the Beginning:

I chose to use the ampersand in my first attempt at this project because I've always loved it visually, and because often the reaction I get when I talk about my various hobbies and professions is "Wow, you're into a lot of different things". The reaction either bothers me or amuses me, so I thought I'd play on the idea of "many different things" by using the ampersand.

I'm still playing with alignments because nothing seems quite right yet. I originally had the name and contact info overlapping the ampersand as well but it felt a little crowded and I thought this way might make more sense. Still not really happy with it, but I'd welcome any feedback beacuse I'm not really sure what else to try.

Update: Another version that feels more balanced but still not quite right.

And in colour:

Another try. I think I like this one best:


Here is an attempt at something different. I think I kind of like it but, but we'll see if I still like it tomorrow when I am not brain-addled from working in the heat. It doesn't have a grid structure beyond the grid being just three that OK?


Based on Ellen's suggestions, I started playing around with trying to make the words float around the ampersand. I don't know if I've accomplished floating, maybe they are still colliding? I tried to have the words follow the shape of the ampersand. Is this what you meant Ellen?

That accomplished, I then had to figure out where the name and contact info would go. Nothing worked (I even tried a vertical card) until I rotated them 90 degrees.

Then, I unified the shading a little by just using three tones instead of six. And to add a little quirkiness, I lightened up the "L." to match the lightened "/" in the contact info.

I feel like everything is a little disconnected, but don't know where else to go.


A couple more tries at better composition. I'm partial to the last one. Good old rule of thirds.


Another go at it. I'm liking this alot. A little more adjusting to do, but this is my fave concept so far.


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