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Project No Clue!!

No story to tell.............this is all new to me. Started to experiment with different colours and arrangements. Maybe some of the infomation is going in and getting retained....maybe not! Taken the pattern a step further with other software to make kaleidoscope patterns and as a student surface pattern designer, making repeat patterns.

Mood board inspiration.......very feminine I'm afraid!! worked! Found a fab site to choose specific colours from an image, gives hex numbers and pantone.

Onto the next........

Let's play with a few things..........

Okay, stroke works

Love this next one,  very pretty. Wish I could claim it as my own!!!!!

Again, lets mess with everything!

Grid Layout

Love the thicker stroke..........

Taken some screen shots and taken them to some software for some manipulation.

Kaleidoscope 1

Kaleidoscope 2

Brick layout

Seamless repeat pattern!

Now onto creating my own SVG's....I may be a while!


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