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Project: Invisible Helmet

Invisible Helmet (Working Title)

The Hövding is an invisible airbag for bicyclists. Created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, it is an innovative product which was built from the idea of making a helmet which people would want to hear and would be just as safe, if not safer, than the average bicycle helmet.

The video presentation will incorporate a 3D model of the helmet opening up and a simple explanation of how it works. It will be integrated with data and statistics of bicycle accidents around the world and in Singapore (as this is where it will be published).

One key fact is the helmet costs €399 (USD $531 approx) and once opened up from an accident, it cannot be reused. I would like to look into the average stats on bicycle accidents in Singapore to determine how many times you would have to buy this helmet given the average chance of getting into an accident - also does it open up if you just happen to stop too quickly or does it open up after a heavy fall?

My main fear is this might become a little too "advertorial" rather than editorial. I still haven't quite wrapped my head around how to show the journalistic value in this so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

More updates and screenshots soon.


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