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Project Idea: True Life: It's 2014 and I'm dating a diehard Dave Matthews Band Fan.

Because, really. Didn't Dave Matthews Band (Dave, DMB) lose relevance like twelve years ago? Remember 2002? Don't be embarrased. I know all of us New Englanders waited eagerly for the weather to turn nice (50 degrees and partly cloudy? I'll take it), and for school to get out, so that the summer concerts could begin. 

"Yeah, I'm going to see Dave (first name basis, obviously) this Saturday. Kim's brother is getting us beer. See you at the Tweeter Center!"

My complete lack of knowledge of Dave songs was totally erroneous. It was the summer, school was out, and it was time for concerts. It was time to lose a little control, act a little silly, maybe even a little flirtatious. Maybe some questionable decisions are made, who knows? I chose Dave because I wasn't that into pot, so Phish and Dispatch were out. I definitely wasn't into pop, so forget Britney. Dave was the concert for me by process of elimination. Sure, I had a few homemade CDs with DMB songs. I listened to tracks like "Grace is Gone" and "Digging a Ditch" and softly cried into my pillow because I was a white seventeen-year-old in upper middle class suburbia and my life was just so hard. When I was feeling particularly melodramatic, I just let it all out to some of Dave's more melancholy songs. But I wouldn't call myself a fan. 

After 2004, I forgot that Dave Matthews Band existed. In 2010, I met the man with whom I now live. That he sent me over 150 DMB songs during our courtship should have been a big, glaring, warning sign. But no. Four years later, I find myself sitting in the backseat of a jampacked Subaru, next to a cooler filled with tailgate food and Dave Matthews Band wine (because yes he makes it, and yes, we're drinking wine while tailgating), listening to obscure unreleased DMB tracks that my boyfriend got from I don't know where, headed to Bristow, VA (a good eight hours away) to see Dave play one measley concert. 


I suppose the above is my pitch? I think I might need to do some more hint-dropping or explaining of who Dave Matthews Band is... in case there are readers that didn't grow up with him. The beginning might be a bit too busy as well, so I'll work on refining it.

I've only got one idea for now and I'm pretty hooked on it because I've lived with a hardcore Dave Matthews Band fan for about three years now and there are just too many funny instances to not be shared. Perhaps it's only funny to me! But I'm still going to roll with it. The characters that I'll be working with are myself, my boyfriend and his best friend. And Dave Matthews, I suppose. The obstacle or challenge is that I am not and probably never will be a fan to the degree that my boyfriend is, yet Dave is VERY present in our relationship/lives. I think that there will be some sort of narrative arc... or at least I hope I can create that. I have a flair for negativity and skepticism. Sometimes I think I'm pretty jaded and kind of a bitch. And here I am, dating this wonderful man that is so constantly positive and absolutely captivated by, what he believes to be, the magic that is created by the Dave Matthews Band. I guess the story will be about me coming to appreciate his positivity and his own summer ritual. Every year, he dedicates a few summer weekends to seeing a band that he loves with his best friend. And every time, they have a good time. 

...also, I have to be honest. I actually lost myself a bit at this concert. I even teared up at the last song. 

Feedback is appreciated and I'm sorry this is so long. Will post a draft eventually. Thanks for your time!


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