Project I sherry s mature daytime eyes

Project I sherry s mature daytime eyes - student project

Use two-faced shadow insurance primer in lemon drop on the lid. Use an angled brush and appropriate brow make-up,to groom brows.  Brush brows into place. For hooded or mature eys use a light colored eye shadow up to the crease.  I chose Macs Phloof. Using a Mac 217 to apply. I used a Mac 219 brush to apply in the tear duct area then to tearduct to middle of the lower eye still using a little of the phloof.  I applied Macs Saddle in the crease heavier on the outer edges. When you look straight into the mirror the crease eye shadow should be shadowed above the crease to give the illusion of a crease for a woman with a hooded eye.  In the outer third to half of the eye I applied Macs Embark bringing it a little up over the crease. I used a Mac 224 blending brush to blend each of those colors into each other. I took a small angle brUSB added some of the Saddle to the outer half of the lower lash line. I appliesd a couple of coats of mascara After curling lashes.