Hannah Husman

Student of Copywriting and Dance at UNL



Project: Hannah Husman

[This idea is something I've been kicking around for a while, so here's a pretty developed draft just over 500 words. I'd love to hear your thoughts!]

As I thought to myself in the shower, not but ten minutes ago, “Oh God, I’m a prude who spends her Friday nights alone”, that time at Best Buy came flooding back to me. This goes out to all the ladies who have had a similar realization as I just did, and I want you to know, it is not despicable to count on a trip to Best Buy as a flirting opportunity. In fact, if you know this is a possibility, you’re a genius and a beloved secret-holder for women everywhere. It turns out there are a lot of underappreciated Best Buy employees who offer a wide range of intelligence levels and endearing physical qualities.

Think about all the things sold at Best Buy. Movies. Music. Computers. Phones. Cameras. Also video games, but some women like to play those and even muscular a-holes play Call of Duty so there’s a potential for all bases to be covered here. Best Buy is the intersection of all interests and price points. My mom totally thinks this too because she talked to a salesgirl about a netbook once and I think she’s been trying to set my brother up with her ever since. And think about when netbooks were really popular...that was a while ago. Yeah, holy crap, right? It’s that powerful. Just kidding, it’s not. Please go out into an actual social setting if you can.

 So I’m at the BB, which is how I will now refer to the intersection of Kenny G and SimCity 3000, and I try to seize a flirting opportunity. This is a disaster because I have no dim lighting to work with and we are not sitting side-by-side on a couch where I can experiment with facial angles and playfully tucking my hair behind my ear. Luckily, I’m standing at a checkout counter so I have a place to anchor my hands, which are perpetually clammy. I’m at the BB checking out and the cashier, dashing employee that he is, makes the first move.

 “Is that a Windows Phone?”

 He notices my phone on the counter. Did he just ask me out? Do I show him the live tiles feature? Then we can do a Bing search for a restaurant for the date we’re about to go on. I decide not to get too carried away, but still a little risky with my next move.

 “Yeah, it is.”

 He’s eating out of my gross, sweaty hand. More, more!

 “I just got it”, I add.

 This boy is holding back some serious animalistic desires right now. I have obviously rocked his world by coming through his checkout line, sweatpants and all. The passion builds as he says,

 “Oh nice. Do you like it?”

 We’re both aware of the game at this point. It’s fruitless to pretend that I’m not absolutely killing this opportunity in a good way. So I just said,

“Yeah, I do.”

 But it’s too easy. I can’t let him win without a fight, so I dive deeper,

 “I mean the only problem is I just can’t get my Hotmail to sync. I’ve tried like two times but it’s not working, you know? Oh well though.”

 I’ve done it. Our future has begun. And we had a lovely evening…


…apart after he realized that was totally weird and then we shared that moment of weirdness for several seconds before he just said, “Yeah”.

Then I went home, because there is no way to recover gracefully from that.




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