Emylie Boivin

Student at the BAC Art & science of animation



Project Gramr

Here i got some advanced thumbnails


Okay, here are some thumbnails


Hey everyone!

I'm a huge fan of traditional oil paintings, especialy the Renaissance and it's symbolism. I already had a bunch of images of traditional art on Dragons and i decided to reinterpret the Design the Dragon from the Völsunga saga


Dragons in norse mythology are the representation an evil spirit, they're feared because they are vicious. In the medieval era they were the symbol of satan himself.

So i choosed to design an Evil traditional Dragon keeping in mind to make it different from the crazy sized dragons that are sometimes a bit too epic for their needs. I want to keep it's height size in between 5 and 8 feet. The reason is simple, i chose that my dragon would be a "poison type" and so, if it's gigantic, you might get smashed to the ground and die before you wouldd be poisoned. Plus, I find it more of a plausible match in between a single man and a medium sized dragon as well as a plausible encounter.


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