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Rueben Dodds

Video Game Artist



Project: Elisha Bear Conjurer

Hi eveyone,

I'm the lovely the outcome of everyones character concept and how they are developing in the end. I'm 3D artist mainly so this class is definitely start taking me out of my comfort zone and challenging me in everyway in the end. The thinking of the character theme has made me come up with many different themes so far, but I have decide to focus on this one and I hope developed it into different types of priest classes in later on.. 

The character theme is going to sticking towards the fantasy them that was mention by Charlie.. The idea that  come to mind for the character is based off the " Elisha and the Two Bears" in the bible, which would be develop further in time..

The words that I had thought of using for it would be:

  • priest / medieval outfit
  • weapon (book, scrolls, stick / blade, dragger, paw-claws)
  • bear companion / bear summons

The theme is not set in stone yet. So it could go through different development until the end.. But this is a good place for me to start getting it going.. 

Great work everyone!!!! It's was a bit hard for me doing these thumbnails and I think I may have spent too much time on them then I should have.. But I happ with the ten I have done.. I now need to decide which ones are my favourites and  will refined a bit more..  So any feedback and advice is more then welcome.

I have be super busy at work currently and I have had time to nexting to completing the next stage of the concept project.. So recently I have justed going into the christmas break here and this is given me more time spare to continuing working on the concept.. I know this image is late over due, but I have choice five thumbnails to refine I just completed three and I will be working on the other two tomorrow to get them looking the way I want to be..

After doing some of them I have thinking to myself that their maybe some errors in proportions I need to fix, but I have be work on them for far to long and new a fresh pair of eyes.. So any feedback or advice on anything that you see that could introduce that would improve it in the end is more then welcomed.. 

Because I would like to get this better level then what I have do in the past for myself..


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