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Project Draw

Update 21/6/13

Here are the uppercase that I've been working on. Again need some touching up but like where its going.

Update 19/6/13

Lovely sunny morning so I sat creating my font, I am quite please with the outcome though there is still a lot of finishing to be done. I started with lower case this time as I find it harder to creater them. For some reason I forgot the U so will have to add it in at some point.

After this I used photoshop to quickly cut all the letters I was happy with out and then I could see where changes need to be made. On the whole I think they look very similar in size there are just a couple too big or too small that need a tweek.

Update 18/6/13

So I started to doodle some letters, I have never tried to create a font apart from the generic bubble letters you tend to do in school. I looked around on the internet to inspiratation and this is what I came up with.

From this I started to doodle some letters but I am finding it quite hard to settle on one style. I'm very critical of my own work and a perfectionist. Lower case is also very hard to create in the same style as upper case. Any help/advice would be greatly received.

So I kinda ran out of time, 5 mins is not as long as I thought. Quite like some of my ideas, felt good to just doodle, I diffinately don't do it enough.

The Triangles were by far the hardest.


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