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CJ Berina

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Project Ceeej

My name is CJ Berina. I am 23 years old. And I also go by the name of DJ Ceeej, thus the name. Project Ceeej is my project. As an aspiring entrepreneur in the fashion & music scene I have always wanted to start my own business. Although, Project Ceeej is not a clothing line. Project Ceeej is my personal project for me to follow my dreams. Project Ceeej is my opportunity to create something lasting. Project Ceeej started as an attempt to become a marketing & branding company. As I created it and went with the flow the company started changing. I knew from there that our business was now going to be an "innovating" business. This is my definition of an innovation. My goal is to always keep Project Ceeej constantly innovating. 

My goal is to change the way that marketing and branding works. I have already picked up clients that aren't in the fashion industry, but I have marketed and branded them from almost nothing into well-known brands. With doing this I have marketed them using innovative marketing techniques. I have already started doing things that no other marketing companies are doing. At the same time, I am picking up marketing tricks that seems like no one else is doing, but is very simple. My goal is to eventually be doing marketing and branding for the top fashion brands in the industry, while I am already picking up brands.

My style of marketing is to do smart, creative, aggressive, competitive, and innovative marketing. I started this businesss, and have only taken one business class in my life. I started and incorporated my company, raised money to finance my company, and I am currently continuing to launch. I did this with one business class. The rest I learned from reading books and articles online, much like this class. I consider this the smart way to start a company. Next I have creative, I know that in order to market well, you need to be creative, which is why I strive for this. My marketing is aggressive to make sure that its efficient and always keeping that hustler mentality with it. We are competitive to make sure that you can compete with the best brands around. And lastly, were always innovating. 

Since starting the company, I have also launched another subsidiary company under it called The Vape Buds. We decided to capitalize on the vape industry, things are going so well that we may have our own lounge by January. Like I said... still innovating... 

It may not sound like much yet, but were just getting started.... Watch out for us. :) 

If interested in hearing more check out or contact me at [email protected]


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