Project Buho

For the modern adult in today's world, we are faced with a bevy of choices. Where to eat? Where to drink? Where to be merry? In a world as large and as diverse as the one we find ourselves in, the average person on the street is going to be completely inundated with a non stop barrage of advertisements for places that may or may not be up to their liking.

How does one wade through this endless sea of choice? Project Buho aims to curb that problem by providing an interface that will allow any user (regardless of their computer skill level, because let's face it, not everyone's always adept at even using the power button) to access places to fit their style and crowd. Think of it as Yelp with a more accesssible, more user-friendly, more interactive user interface. 

Trudging through work all day is a chore, finding the right place to go at night shouldn't be. 


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