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Project Biz Development August

So i applied for my e-residency in january, i got it for fifty euros before it rolled over to the 100 euros price in early february. it took thirty days to arrive in the estonian embassy in london, i took a trip down to get it.  

e-residency lasts for three years, i'm pretty excited to learn as much as possible in august while i'm there for a week and i'll be doing lots of vining, instagraming, maybe some snapchatting again and certainly some facebook live stuff along the route.

the core of setting up a company in estonia are as follows.. .

  • want to be able to trade/tender in 2018 across the eu
  • very interested in the startup scene there
  • really love the idea of the x-road and have some project ideas
  • want to help amplify estonia
  • maybe find property in the countryside to be able to rent/airbnb
  • base that we can co-work and commute from

i'm sure i'll be adding more to the list but that's where i am right now.


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