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Project 403 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This was taken while walking through the +15 (walkways that connect buildings) in downtown Calgary.

I pictured the compostition before taking this shot, I waited about 5 mintues till a subject that I thought would be a good fit for the shot walked by. I was going for the corporate / business vibe in this photo.

This look up was taken out my sunroof, I guess I looked up at the right time.

Its rare that you see planes fly over downtown Calgary or to even capture them. I like the depth in this shot, I think the buildings and the plane give that feel of how small we really are.

The next photo was taken on the corner of a street, I was practicing panning with passing cars.

I used this photo because I think it gave the feel of motion.

Last but not least, trying to work with what a small and new city has to offer.

Took this from the back window while rolling through the new tunnel that was recently opened, this city needs more tunnels.

Again, the feel of motion in this one.



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