Project #3: Where To Find My New Blog

Project #3: Amplifying My Blog

Well fellow students, I have been busy.

Check out my new blog:   I would love your feedback.

I have also shared it on Google +, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn so far.

I'm getting ideas from visiting other student's projects. There are some awesome people doing awesome things in this class and in life!


Project #2:

Hi, my name is Carlease Burke aka Stage Goddess and welcome to my blog. Once I decide on my blog platform, I intend to post every Sunday with four topics per month. If there is a fifth Sunday I will write about anything I please or as Jennifer says whatever is happening at the time.

Here are my four monthly topics:

1) Ask A Stage Goddess - this is actually a Vlog where I will answer questions from people who have questions about getting into or staying in the entertainment industry from an actor's point of view.  Here's a link to a sneak preview of what's to come:

2) Among the Stars - I will post pictures of myself and celebrities I've met or worked with and share the story behind the photo.

3) An Actor's Pantry - Since I am a foodie and one of my hobbies is trying out different recipes, I thought I like to share some with my readers, like this delicious Mango Salsa I included in my February ezine entitled Carlease's Bits n Pieces.

4) ????? - I would love the help of my classmates to help me choose or suggest a topic you would like to hear about from me. Or one that you feel matches this on-going theme. I'm thinking about a charity I'm involved with that creates art to empower victims of domestic violence, or An Actor Takes Care Of Her Own about being the solo care giver for my 85 year old mother while maintaining an acting career, or my involvement in the Deaf community (using my sign language degree as a recurring guest star on the ABC Family show Switched At BIrth, or since I love to read, A Book Review. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Be A Star Where You Are,



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