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Project #3  -

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Dysfunctional Family Tree = No Babies For Me


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Project #2 - Write an Engaging Blog Post

There are plenty of instances in our lives where my husband and I don’t agree. In his world the toilet seat stays up, the bed stays jumbled and Bruce Willis movies are actually interesting.  However, when it comes to the bigger picture kind of issues, such as having kids, we are in agreement - starting a family is not in the cards for us.  Children are an awesome responsibility and unless you are willing to participate 100% then why go there?  I often wonder why my parents “went there”.  I know it may sound harsh, but you have to understand.  I was “raised” in an alcoholic, drug addicted, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive family. Genetically I am hard wired for addiction and mental illness. Granted, I bypassed the addiction component of things (thank goodness) but I do wrestle with depression and anxiety and I am terrified of passing these demons onto a child. 

The risk is too high and the odds are not in my favor. 

Here, see for yourself - 

Mom’s Family - 

  1. Grandmother & Grandfather - alcoholics/abusive
  2. Mom - alcoholic/bipolar/abusive
  3. Uncles (2) - alcoholics
  4. Cousin #1 - died from drug overdose
  5. Cousin #2  - drug addict/currently in jail
  6. Cousin #3  - drug addict

Dad’s Family - 

  1. Grandfather - alcoholic
  2. Grandmother - depression & anxiety
  3. Dad - alcoholic/depression
  4. Uncle #1 - alcoholic/addict/died from alcohol abuse
  5. Uncle #2 - alcoholic/addict
  6. Uncle #3 - alcoholic/died from alcohol abuse
  7. Dad’s half brother - alcoholic/died from alcohol abuse
  8. Dad’s cousin - depression/committed suicide
  9. My Brother #1 - alcoholic/addict/depression
  10. My Brother #2 - alcoholic/addict/currently in jail
  11. Me - depression/anxiety

Do you see what I mean when I say that the odds are not in my favor?  

Just the thought of bringing more dysfunction not only into this world but also into my life AND my husband’s life is ... well I don’t even have a word for it.  It would be tragic.

If you grew up in dysfunction and are haunted by your genetic history - do you struggle with the same fears?  

Do you look at not having kids as a way to break the cycle of dysfunction?  

I know I do.


Project #1 - 3 Engaging Blogs Project


Blog -  Pride in Madness.

Post Title - Bitch, Manipulator, Attention Seeker

I like this particular post because it is “bam” in your face.  The title alone grabs my attention.  It starts a conversation because it is so honest and the author is telling me that she also has moments of pure bitchness.   When I read it - I thought to myself - yea I feel that way to. Her struggle is familiar to me.  There are share buttons at the conclusion of the post.  I want to share it to say - see I’m not the only one who has moods.


Blog - The Green Study.

Post Title - General Baby Mama

I admire the author’s ability to present her material in an easy to follow format.  She organizes her ideas with an impressive balance of fact and emotion.  With this post I feel like I got something out of it.  It’s informative and I sense some authority/weight behind what the author is saying.  I do think it’s a bit too long - so I ended up skimming through it.  To me it sounds intelligent and therefore I wanted to comment.  Share buttons included.


Blog - Manic Muses

Post - Today’s Therapy Session: Circle Jerk Wast of My Time

This is another post that presents a candid presentation of something that I can relate to.  The author wrote about a particular situation in such a way that I literally felt like I was there with her (conversational delivery/vibe).  It blends humor and frustration and the cartoon image at the start of the post hooks my attention immediately.  As with all 3 of the posts I picked - none of them asked the reader a question directly and yet I felt compelled to comment.  This post is without share buttons.

The theme that I come away with is that all 3 of these posts were conversational. 


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