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Project 2

I am currently staying with my parents so I did not have much choice and I am not completely satisfied with the result. However, I am glad I tried something completely different from what I usually stick to  - instead of the classic styling I've used a variety of bright, colourful objects in attempt to create a tropical, a little boho-look. 

1. Needs 

Just a dinner for two. With a soup ( something thai probably) and a main-couse. A little dessert spoon promises some ice-cream in the end that is going to be served separately. In fact, I have just realized that the cards I used were probably of no use - with just two people dining :) 

2. Colour story

All of the tropical colours! Orange runner with some stripes on it is separeted with a blue colour (paper napkin acts as a charger) from Anthropologie plates - that are hand-made, with no even edges and hand-drawn. 

Main colours are: orange, blue, yellow and green. 

I felt like adding some calm earthy browns to the setting - I mean if we go tropical we problably use sticks or something like that... however, I only found a tea-pot and some dry leaves in brown - so I decided to use them. 

3. Balance

A blue lantern you could see on some pictures seemed perfect as a centerpiece. I wish I had some leaves to add to decorate it. However, it seemed to block the view between two dining people so I had to move it aside. Now  - that ruined a concept a little - my brown tea-pot played a candle-holder role and was a centepiece. Not very high though - so I am not sure that the triangle is obvious. I tried to add second layer and the lowest one - adding dry leaves and tiny elephants as candles. 

Some pictures give me a feeling of a mess on a table ((( The others though seem to show it works. What do you think? 

4. No botabicals here. Could not find one and did not feel like going somewhere. It is so cold outside )))

5. I added two cards to work as a personalisation though I now think I should not have to. But the lantern seems cute, weary and brings in some history.


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