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Project 2: Pie

Project 2: Pie

Going to give this Pie contest a whirl, thanks MaJo!

After brainstorming I developed the lateral concept of Mud Pie's, like the idea of working on something a bit different to the norm, but we'll see how it goes.


So now I've brainstormed I've started collecting images on Pinterest to help organise some ideas and get some colour palette ideas happening, although here in Australia it's Spring I thought an Autumnal colour palette would be better suited to theme ;) especially as Spoonflower is based in the Northern hemisphere.

Project 1: Winter in Wonderland

Winter in wonderland, children's bed linen.

I'm a recent fashion graduate and also a mother of three and my hearts desire is to design my own childrens linen range ie imaginative bed spreads that inspire positive dreaming, storytelling and an adventerous mind.

I love to design and sketch and I'm taking my time with this project A. because I'm really busy running after the kids and B. because I'm enjoying the process so much.....Thanks for being there as I start this creative journey it feels so good to be exercising my artistic muscles again.

Here are some of my inspiration images, that I've organised on Pinterest, as the picnic contest is over I'm working on a winter in wonderland theme, I'm finding I'm really drawn to images of Russia, and that also bought to mind sugar plum fairies, dancing bears, snowflakes and stars.

Here are a few of my initial sketches


Starting to colour some motifs in illustrator (not finished yet), but I have to admit I'm pretty slow, also not sure how to minimise file size as could get a bit out of control when I try to group all my motifs together in a repeat

 Well I tried to put all my designs into a half drop repeat in illustrator but I'm having a lot of problems, the swatch panel doesn't seem to want to accept my tile anyways here it is, hopefully I should be able to get some help from the facebook page and if not I'll try starting over again.

Ok so through the facebook page someone has helped me find the problem, turns out I painted something with a pattern, but I can't find it, so I'm going to have to start again. At least you get the idea though. Would love any feed back.



Also if any of you are interested in craft and the creative process etc plus just a bit of a chat please check out my craft blog


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