Project 2: Basic Tablescape

Project 2: Basic Tablescape

Needs:  Casual but intimate dinner with a couple friends.  Dinner will be a salad and main course with iced-tea or water to drink.  All served buffet style.

Color Story: Blue, browns and ivory.  Ideally I would love to have a wooden or woven charger under the plates - but haven't added any to my collection yet. There is a bit of sparkle in the gold rimmed glasses.  I am also keeping my eye out for some simple brass candlesticks that would work with the scale of my little table. 

Balance:  A triangle is created with the centerpiece and the view is identical at each placesetting. 

Botanicals:  I kept it pretty simple with a ball of roses in a wooden vessel. 

Personalization: This was the kissing ball at mine and the hubby's December wedding (about 12 years ago).  The couple we are having is newly engaged so I thought it would be a fun addition. As this is a casual dinner I don't have any menu cards or place cards.

Fun Note: One of my kids swiped a spoon and I didn't notice until after I posted these photos. ;)

I hope you like it and I love constructive criticism and input so please feel free to comment! :)



Project 1: Analyze Tablescape

I chose a favorite tablescape from coco+kelly in a post entitled Modern Mexicana.  

Needs:  The tablescabe was designed for a casual but intimate gathering. A seating arrangement was likely not neccesary for an intimate meal among friends.  The menu likely reflects the casual nature of the tablescape.  I could picture tapas and margaritas to start and then a salad and main dish inspired by Mexican cuisine. 

Color Story:  Predominately neutral with pops of vibrant reds and corals. Texture, found in the vases and wooden bread plate in juxtoposition with the high shine of the salad plate, gold flatware and gold rim of the high-ball tumblers, provides layers of visual interest. 

Balance: A triangle can be seen with the vases of flowers at the middle of the table being taller and a mixture of candle holders and smaller flower arrangements off to the side.  

Botanicals: A neutral mix of all white blooms and a few sprigs of greenery tucked in here and there. 

Personalization:  Menu cards (not shown in this image) were tucked in and around each place setting. Mexican falsa blankets in neutral tones (also not shown) were also provided to cozy up the space more and encourage people to stick around after dinner. 


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