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Project 1

Halloween Costomes:

  1. batman
  2. door
  3. captain crunch
  4. vampire
  5. doctor
  6.  bird
  7. Mario
  8. Prisoner
  9. Han solo

Short Story:

Felix was just invited to a Halloween party and being the geeky sophomore in high school he was very excited about the invite. However, he wasn't sure what how to dress. He wanted to be cool and fit in, but inner geek inside him wanted to go dressed as a comic con character. So, he asked his one friend what he should wear, and naturally he said he should go dressed as a cat, because his name is felix and his unique ability to knit sweaters using any type of yarn. But, Felix wanted something more, so he spoke to his mother, who was an ex-hippy and believed the body was a Halloween custom covering up the soul. 

The next day, Felix went to the mall, he walked around for hours and stumbled upon a Halloween store with very general ideas, such as a doctor, vampire and even a skunk outfit. While he was deciding between a prison guard and Caesar, he saw the cool kids in school looking at the same costume. So he immediately put them back and ran out of the store. While at the food court eating a Cinnabon, he saw an old lady struggling to open a door and it hit him, he thought of a funny, different idea that would put him on the map of being cool in school. He will be a human door!

The next day, he went to the local hardware store and got supplies, he worked diligently while his mother was tripping on ecstasy trying to hug him. Later that night, his mother dropped him off a few houses down from the party so he can put on his costume. As he walked up to the house he saw everyone hanging out on the front door in awe of his costume, he thought to himself, this is it, this is my time. He struggled at first to actually get in the house because of the door on door friction, but he walked in side ways. Brad, the guy throwing the party saw him and was amazing at his costume, the two joked around about staying in the hall way and scaring people as they passed. Felix couldn't have been any happier until everyone starting to knock on him. Everywhere ihe went in the party, he was knocked on. He became so frustrated that he ran out of the party and got stuck in the doorway. So for the rest of the night he was the front door and the worst part was he was facing outside. He should have just dressed as a cat. 


  1. Dog
  2. Wombat
  3. Giraffe - 
  4. Polar Bear
  5. Platypus - 
  6. Alpaca
  7. Rabbit
  8. Zebra - 
  9. Rhinoceros
  10. Coyote

A boy named Platypus who lives near the river. He was an odd Platypus, his feet were abnormally large and his hands were very small. He had trouble holding on to things and it was impossible for him to operate a universal remote control. One day after a rainstorm, the dam was damaged leaving a huge hole and the water came gushing onto his block. He didn't know what to do! So he grabbed a toolbox but was unable to work the handle so he quickly shoved his foot into the hole of the dam and lay there until workers came to fix it. Because of his heroism, he was given the key to the city, but was unable to hold it, so they gave him a t-shirt with a key on it. From that day forward he was known as Platypus the Beaver. 


  1. Corn
  2. Broccoli
  3. Beets
  4. Carrots -
  5. Potatoes
  6. Bok Choy -
  7. Spinach
  8. Peas
  9. Brussels Sprouts -
  10. Cabbage

Stephanie and her dog Max met a very short Belgian named Hans. Hans was so upset that he was short and couldn’t reach is books on the top shelf. So Stephanie and her dog Max felt bad for Hans, so Stephanie and Max came up with and idea. They purchased Hans a long pole with a suction cup at the end, however, when Hans tried to get a book, they all fell and hit him on the head. Stephanie and Max went to the local grocer to get an ice pack and Max starting barking at Stephanie, he dragged her to the vegetable section and that’s where she saw the sign Brussels Sprouts. A halogen lamp shined bright over her head and she grabbed a basket and filled it to the brim with Brussels sprouts. Even with her bum knee she quickly walked to Han’s house to give him the Brussels sprouts, she told him that these will help him grow, however Hans was not from Brussels.  Stephanie and Max where very upset to find out that Hans is from a different part of Belgian but Hans was extremely confused.  So the following day, Hans brought Stephanie and Max donuts. - The people and the names in this story not based on actual people and dogs. 



Tuesday afternoon, Barry is leaving his local coffee shop and he seems a Disheveled Hippy Man on the side of the building with a guitar case. As Barry walked by he noticed a cup on the floor and quickly dropped some change in the cup.

DM: HEY! HEY BRO! What the hell man?

Barry: Excuse me?

DHM: You just dropped your change in my java man...

Barry: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were homeless.

DHM: Excuse me man? I have a home bra, maybe its not as nice as your white house but is a home man.

Barry: Sorry, that came out the wrong way, listen let me by you a new cup of coffee brah.

DHM: Don't call me brah, brah!

DHM: I don't need your charity, go work in your office bra

Barry: I actually work from home.


Barry: What?

DHM: You should buy me a cup of coffee brah.

Barry: OK

Barry and the Disheveled Hippy Man go back into the coffee shop and order the coffee.

Cashier: That will be 4.25

Barry: Hold on I have some change...

As Barry put his hand his his pocket he realized that the change he thought he had was in the Disheveled Hippy Man's coffee.

Barry: Hey buddy, you mind reaching in there and pulling out a quarter? I don't want to break a 20.

DHM: W.T.F Bra! You go get it.

Barry: Forget it...

Barry hands the cashier a 20. The cashier hands Barry his change and attempts to put it in the tip jar, misses and put the loose change back in the Disheveled Hippy Man's drink.

DHM: Seriously Bra? I have a home man.



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